Kabar Transfer: MU Incar Bintang Napoli, AC Milan Kejar Lukaku

Manchester United Make Guerrilla in Germany
Manchester United anticipate if fail to bring Chelsea midfielder, Nemanja Matic. Manchester United hunt players to Germany. Borussia Dortmund player, Julian Weigl, became the main target.

Matic previously reportedly just one step away will join Manchester United. However, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte reportedly did not want to remove Matic and asked Roman Abramovich to defend it.

If Matic fail to be trafficked to Old Trafford, Manchester United claimed the Daily Mail would consider recruiting Weigl. Weigl’s ankle injury did not dampen Mourinho’s intentions.

Weigl reportedly will not be able to play until mid-September due to an ankle injury. That is, Weigl will miss the early weeks of the English League if so purchased MU.

The ankle injury has also made Weigl fail to move to a big club. Barcelona and Manchester City canceled the intention of buying Weigl in the summer.

Mourinho needs Matic or Weigl to be Paul Pogba’s companion. Last season Pogba had to work hard because he did not have a water-carrying midfielder who accompanied him in midfield Manchester United.