Keep Cage Stats, Persib Hamper Rate Bali United

Persib Bandung inhibited one of the championship candidates League 1, Bali United, by forcing opponents play 0-0 at the Stadium Starling Harupat, Thursday (21/09/2017).

Persib also successfully defend the unbeaten record at home to 12 parties, or never fallen in the last eight league games 1. However, they only picked three victories in that period.

With so often stuck, Maung Bandung collect 34 points from 25 matches, just like Barito Putera and Mitra Kukar, and struggling in the middle of the league standings.

Bali United also has a similar performance like Maung Bandung. However, Seridian Tridatu successfully triumphed six times in eight matches.

Additional value from the headquarters Persib increase the acquisition to 49 points result 25 matches. Bali United are three points behind the peak table Bhayangkara FC.

Road Games:

Persib as the host took the initiative attack. As a result, they got two corner kicks in the first 10 minutes. However, nothing works.

On the other hand, Bali United can only occasionally get out of the pressure. They just had a chance in the 13th minute through Sylvano Comvalius.

After that, the tempo of the game slowed down with both teams failing to create meaningful chances.

After the break, Maung Bandung try to improve the tension of the fight. They got a chance through Achmad Jufriyanto and Febri Hariyadi.

Bali United then responded. Widodo C Putro’s men threatened through Fadhil Sausu in the 68th minute. But his kick was just about the pole.

In the 79th minute, left foot shot Ezechiel N’Douassel threatened the visitors’ goal. Unfortunately, his effort hit the crossbar. Comvalius’s last chance, but his kick bounced.

Composition of Players:

Persib Bandung: Natshir, Henhen, Jufriyanto, Vladimir, Wildan, Kim, Dedi, Maitimo, Febri, Matsunaga (Atep ’74), Ezechiel

Bali United: Wawan, Agus Nova, Ahn, Hasim, Ricky, Fadil, Taufiq, Marcos (Yabes ’72), Nick (Lilipaly ’53), Bachdim (Sukadana ’89), Comvalius