Johan Cruyff and Claudio Ranieri “Poison” U-22 national team games

Luis Milla implements the lessons learned from Johan Cruyff and Claudio Ranieri in the national team game U-22 Indonesia at SEA Games 2017.

It is known that the Spaniard is a graduate of the Barcelona Academy. In the first team La Blaugrana, nicknamed the club, he had felt the care of Johan Cruyff.

“Milla always said, ‘I come from Barcelona and never trained Johan Cruyff who implements mastery of the ball’,” said Director of Engineering PSSI Danurwindo in the event titled “A Night with The Manager” who invited journalists, March 31, 2017.

Like Barcelona, ​​Milla-style ball controls apply the runway from foot to foot.

According to Labbola data, the squad nicknamed Garuda Muda released 944 passes in the first two Group B matches. Of these, 775 operans among them met targets.

The most striking is the statistics when U-22 national team 3-0 win over the Philippines at Shah Alam Stadium on Thursday (17/08/2017).

For 90 minutes, U-22 national team launched 555 operands, 463 of which are quite successful. Compare with the Philippines, which only carried 196 successful operands out of 282 experiments.

Keep in mind also that Cruyff installed a defender who is able to release accurate feedback to keep control of the ball.

In this case, Milla chose Ricky Fajrin, who launched 109 operands in two matches.

Ricky’s record can only be equaled by Evan Dimas, who is no secret to have the ability to distribute the ball above the average.

“If you have to report on Ricky Fajrin’s performance against the Philippines, I choose 7.5,” said former national team player Yeyen Tumena, told

Not only Cruyff, Claudio Ranieri style also applied Milla in preparing the team. Milla is taken care of by the figure who brought Leicester City the English League champions 2015-2016, in Valencia.

Tinkerman, as Ranieri nicknames while still handling Chelsea and Valencia in the early 2000s.

“A manager or coach who continually experiments by changing the personnel or formation of a team from game to game,” wrote Collins English dictionary about the word tinkerman.

Tinkerman reflected in Milla when determining the arrangement of U-22 national team starter against the Philippines. He replaced four players who performed since the first minute of the game counter Thailand.

Understandably, the pause between the two matches is quite close, just two days. Rotation becomes vital to maintain the stamina of players.

The difference is, tinkerman is an allusion to Ranieri because the rotation of players is often not a solution.

Milla? 3-0 victory during the rotation to proof that tinkerman is an appreciation for him.