Bobotoh Killed, Persib Player Hope Supporters Can Peace

The death of Ricko Andrean (22) has opened the eyes of Indonesian football lovers. Not only supporters, players Persib Bandung also hopes no more casualties fall.

Ricko became the new ‘victim’ for the rigors of Persib and Persija Jakarta rivalry. The 22-year-old boy died in the hands of his fellow Bobotoh while trying to intervene one of the audiences who were beaten during a Persib Vs Persija game at the Gelora Bandung Lautan Api (GBLA) Stadium, Gedebage, Bandung, last Saturday.

Ricko’s noble intentions lead to disaster. Just because it does not wear the attributes Persib, Viking members were joined into a month-month to concussion and died, yesterday.

Persib Bandung defender, Achmad Jufriyanto very sad to hear this incident. Players numbered back 16, hoping this incident to the attention of all parties.

The player who is accosted Jupe is also hoping that all football fans who are hostile can reconcile and provide support in a sporty manner.

“May the charity of his worship be accepted by Allah, accepted his faith of Islam.Hope not repeat the same incident,” said Jupe.

“Hopefully we can keep football in the real sense, Rivalry is only 90 minutes, the rest we are siblings.Want to when? How many more victims? Stop hostilities, starting from yourself, from now on and history will say that you are the beginning of peace, “He said.

Meanwhile, Persib wing attackers, Tantan hope this incident so wisdom for Persib, management, police and bobotoh. He did not want to see any more victims.

“Hopefully in the future there will be no more casualties whatsoever bobotoh, hopefully with this incident becomes a mirror for all of us, the message hopefully there is wisdom behind it and do not play the judges themselves,” explained Tantan.